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50 Days of Python: A Challenge a Day

139 ratings

Master Python Fundamentals Through Tackling Daily Challenges

Imagine mastering Python fundamentals by completing a challenge or two each day. Well, you don't need to imagine any longer. This book offers a unique set of challenges designed to help you grasp the essentials of the Python language as you embark on your journey to create remarkable things with Python. Here is why you should get this book:

Daily Challenges: It will help you master Python fundamentals, one challenge at a time!

Unique Challenges: This book offers a set of unique challenges designed to help you grasp Python essentials.

Flexible Learning: Even with a busy schedule, you can dedicate a small part of your day to tackle a single challenge.

Skill Refinement: In just 50 days, you'll sharpen your Python fundamentals to perfection.

Real-Life Scenarios: These challenges mirror everyday situations encountered by programmers.

For All Skill Levels: Whether you're a seasoned Python learner or returning to Python, these challenges are tailored for you.

Perfect for Beginners: If you're just starting your Python journey and love learning through problem-solving, this book is your ideal companion.

What you will find in the book

In this book, you will find over 80 challenges that cover the fundamentals of Python. Here is what is covered in the book:

  • Functions: You will be challenged to create functions, reinforcing your knowledge of modular programming, which is one of the cornerstones of Python.
  • Data Types & Structures: Various challenges, will test your knowledge on various data types and structures, such as strings, dictionaries, sets, tuples, floats, integers etc.
  • Classes: Python is an Object Oriented programming Language(OOP). You will be challenged to create your own object using the class blueprint.
  • Modules: You will be challenged to work with various modules that are available to streamline your Python code.
  • Conditional Statements and Loops: Being able to control the flow of your program is an essential Python skill. Various challenges will help use Python’s conditional statements and loops with confidence.
  • File Handling: You will be challenged to work with text files, CSV files, and even JSON files
  • Error Handling: Programmers are required to write robust programs. You will be challenged to write code that can handle runtime errors.
  • SQL: You will be challenged to work with database by writing some SQL queries. This will introduce you to SQL, the language of  databases.
  • Building Websites: Yes, you will create a web page with Python! This book will show you how.

Why Solve challenges?

Mental Workout: Challenges sharpen your problem-solving skills, a must for any programmer.

Solidify Knowledge: Conquering challenges cements your Python knowledge.

Real-World Skills: Gain the ability to tackle real-world problems with your code.

Continuous Growth: Challenges push you to think, learn, and grow as a programmer.

Fill Knowledge Gaps: Identify and address gaps in your understanding.

Confidence Booster: Completing this book will leave you brimming with Python confidence.


Good Python Book for a Refresher

I learnt Python a few years ago, so I was looking for a book to help me refresh my knowledge. I love the challenges in this book. I have not done all of them yet, but so far, the challenges I have done are helping me relearn some Python fundamentals. Solving challenges is the best way to learn. ~ Twitter User

Best Way to Learn is to Practice

Working my way through the challenges for each day and enjoying it - and importantly learning. The book is not for absolute beginners, but once you know the basics after a few days, this acts as a great way to enhance skills. I have been rigorous in writing and testing my own code, before looking at the example answers. The example answers then show me quicker/better ways that I could have done it - though in a couple of instances I do like my versions better! Highly recommended if you want to learn or improve your Python skills. ~ J F O Ranger

Awesome Set of challenges

Some of the challenges may take only a few minutes to do, but what I've been doing is creating multiple ways of doing the same thing. Plus, I get to see what the Author's answer is. This book is a great way of working each day to write code to be better as a developer. I'm sure I'll be going through this book again once I'm finished. I look forward to seeing what new approaches I'll take as I learn more about Python ~  Russ Amazon

An Essential Test for any Python Learner

This book will challenge you to think things through. I found it as a good way to deepen my knowledge and start thinking for myself, instead of blindly following tutorials. ~ Amazon

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50 Days of Python: A Challenge a Day

139 ratings
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